Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first serve basis.  All participants will be asked to fill out the registration form online and will need to send in required health forms.

Food and Housing

Students and Faculty will be offered housing in our dormitories.  We will have trained college students also in residence to help chaperone the students in the evenings and to facilitate discussions during the day.  Please note that this is not an air-conditioned facility. Three meals a day* will be provided in the School’s historic dining hall, which is vaguely reminiscent, for Harry Potter fans, of the Hogwarts dining hall.


*With the exception of Wednesday when the group will travel to Boston.


Faculty/faculty with students with medical reasons to not be housed in a dormitory may book rooms at their own expense at a number of local hotels, providing they have transportation to and from the School. However, because of the collegial nature of the weeklong Institute we would recommend that you not do so.


Spending Money  There will be little need for spending money during the week of the Institute.  However, students will want some money for the trip into Boston and while they travel to and from the Institute.  In the event they run out of essentials, there is also a local market about a five minute walk from campus.